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    Deep Dive into Amazon DynamoDB: Unraveling Key Features

    Introduction In every project that needs of database management, the choice between SQL and NoSQL databases is crucial, with considerations ranging from data structure to scalability. Among the NoSQL options, DynamoDB is the serverless NoSQL solution provided by AWS. NoSQL vs SQL DynamoDB’s core strength lies in its NoSQL nature, which allows for a schema-less approach. Traditional SQL databases rely on predefined structures for each table, posing challenges when dealing with datasets that have unstructured and evolving data. DynamoDB, with its dynamic and document-oriented design, excels precisely in scenarios where different entities may have distinct attributes within rows.DynamoDB stores data in a flexible, JSON-like format. This flexibility enables each item…

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    Continuous Delivery (CD) Procedures in AWS environment

    Introduction Continuous Delivery (CD) is a practice in software development that focuses on automating the procedures of building, testing, and releasing software to production servers. In other words, whenever a change is made to the source code, it is automatically tested and deployed to the production environment. This occurs as a result of the Continuous Integration (CI) process, which handles the integration, unit testing, and consolidation of code within a shared codebase. Main Components of Continuous Delivery Procedures The Continuous Deployment Process (CD) is characterized by several Phases: Tools used AWS Code Commit It is a fully managed versioning service provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS). It can contain multiple…

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    TypeORM vs JPA

    INTRODUZIONE L’oggetto di studio del seguente articolo, verte su due importanti tecnologie per la gestione della persistenza dei dati in applicazioni Java e TypeScript: JPA (Java Persistence API) e TypeORM. Le seguenti tecnologie sono utilizzate per semplificare l’accesso e la manipolazione dei dati in un database, ma sono utilizzate in stack tecnologici diversi. Inoltre, il loro uso è frequente nelle operazioni CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete). Esamineremo in dettaglio ciascuna delle tecnologie sopra citate. JPA (JAVA PERSISTENCE API) JPA (Java Persistence API) è uno standard Java per la gestione della persistenza dei dati in applicazioni Java. Consente agli sviluppatori di interagire con un database relazionale utilizzando un approccio orientato agli…